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The Philadelphia couple is turning the pandemic into a vegan sausage business

Philadelphia-based couple Shannon Neddy and Adam Campos were recently formed Ladybug, a vegan charcuterie that specializes in handmade cheese and meat. Ladybug offers sausage boards with cashew and vegan yogurt cheese such as Valentine’s Day Brie, meltable nut-free minster, creamy Danish blue, creamy cashew boursin and cheddar. Customers can choose to combine a variety of cheeses with homemade vegan meats such as salami and hot peppers, as well as freshly made crackers.

Service industry veterans Neddy and Campos were unemployed after COVID-19 regulations restricted the operation of restaurants and bars. Neddy, a longtime vegan, and Campos went into the kitchen and experimented with their extensive collection of vegan cookbooks. “We didn’t originally want to make sausages per se,” the couple told VegNews. “As the vegan cookbooks we bought piled up, we started putting things together and suddenly one day we had enough for a sausage board.”

The couple love to experiment with unique ingredients like beet powder brine to simulate the texture, color, and mouthfeel of animal-based meat. Likewise, their cheese making is influenced by the ingredients they encountered during their travels and research. “We are always working on new cheeses. We try to use ingredients that we look forward to using,” said the couple. “Wine powder? Put it in a cheese! Edible vegetable ash? Put it in a cheese! Ladybug is still in it its infancy, and when we find a cheese in our travels and research that we’d love to try, we can’t wait to develop our own ladybug version of it.

Vegan sausage boards are available from Ladybug Website. While pickup and delivery options are currently available locally and across Philadelphia, Neddy and Campos hope to one day offer nationwide shipping.

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