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The ultimate guide to the best vegan sneakers

Strappy sandals, platform heels, knee high boots … While all of these shoe options are great for a special occasion, none beats the versatility of a good pair of sneakers. Light sneakers, trendy chunky kicks and basic slippers give everyday outfits their very special touch. Whether you’re out shopping the city streets for a full day or preparing for an evening with your best friends, you can always count on the staple sneaker to solve your wardrobe dilemma. However, for those looking for vegan-friendly materials, it can be difficult to find a pair without wasteful and cruel materials like leather, plastic, and animal glue. Fortunately, as the fashion world is slowly moving towards a greener, more animal-friendly approach, there are more ways than ever to encourage your (vegan) shopping habits. With Nike, Adidas and even Gucci creating veganized versions of their iconic styles, it’s time to put the vegan sneaker on the map. Read on for 15 really stylish vegan sneakers that are suitable for any mood or event.

SAYE Modelo ’89 Vegan Lima, $ 160

With corn leather, bamboo and recycled thermoplastics from automobile factories, the first vegan sneaker from the Spanish brand SAYE is a retro dream come true (it is even available in other pastel colors such as blue, yellow, salmon and purple). The three-year-old brand is focused on becoming a zero waste brand while fighting for fair working conditions and the fight against deforestation by planting two trees for every sneaker sold.
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AVRE Infinity glide shoe, $ 145

The women-run AVRE (which stands for Authentic, Versatile, Responsible and Empowered) brings the next level of environmental friendliness with its stylish sneakers made from recycled water bottles. The Slip-On Infinity Glide from the southern California-based brand is extremely comfortable, durable and washable, making your next outdoor hike or all-day shopping trip a breeze.
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CARIUMA IBI knit, $ 98 $

With these unisex lace-up sneakers by CARIUMA from Rio de Janeiro, comfort meets style. The brand’s quality-over-quantity ethos carries over to this easy-to-carry, machine-washable style made from bamboo, cork and recycled PET, plastic bottles and sugar cane. And for every shoe sold, the company even plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest. If only we could now decide what color to walk around in.
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SeaVees Monterey sneaker platform, $ 110

Founded in the 60s and revived by Steven Tiller in the 00s, SeaVees is responsible for positioning sneakers as everyday shoes in modern American society (back then it was mostly intended for the gym or just kids). SeaVees now offers a variety of vegan styles, including these platform lace-up sneakers in charming prints such as strawberries or Planet Earth. It’s almost too cute to wear … almost!
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Soludos Yebo Vegan Sneaker, $ 139

Celebrity favorite Soludos believes every step counts, which is why the NYC-based brand recently launched its first vegan leather sneaker made from recycled rubber and cork. The comfortable, foam-lined Yebo is available in four classic colors, including plain white, sophisticated navy, chic wine and girly pink.
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Vans Eco Theory Authentic SF, $ 70

The classic checkerboard van gets an environmentally friendly makeover in the new Eco Theory collection from the legendary skate brand. Vans values ​​the use of responsible materials and uses organically grown cotton certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard, antimicrobial hemp, which requires less water to grow, and natural, petroleum-free rubber for soles that have the same grip as the Brand older styles.
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VegNewsElla & WittSneakers

Ella & Witt Goodall sneakers, $ 210.85

The founders Birgit and Torsten Lasar named the German label Ella & Witt after two residents of their local animal shelter, Ganter Ella and Kuh Frau Witt. The vegan Goodall sneaker made of corn leather is ethically produced in Portugal and, with its light color scheme and chunky exterior, is an Instagram dream. Grab your favorite pair of jeans and a white t-shirt for the ultimate cool-girl fit.
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Eight Lane Trainer AD-1, $ 110

Lane Eight was founded by brothers James and Josh Shorrock and offers stylish shoes for those who are always on the go. With over 10 different colors, including a special edition Pride Batik design, this lightweight sneaker has a midsole made of algae-based foam, an upper made of recycled knit and a vegan microfiber overlay. Bike course or outdoor run? You only need this one shoe for all your active adventures.
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Veja V-12 B-Mesh, $ 140

After visiting a fast fashion factory in China, founders Sebastien Kopp and Francois-Ghislain Morillion knew they wanted to create a brand that focused on social responsibility, fair trade and sustainability. Enter the hugely popular French brand VEJA popular with celebrities. Add a pop of color to any basic outfit with these vegan kicks made from Amazonian rubber, rice scraps, and recycled plastic bottles.
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Adidas by Stella McCartney Ultraboost Sandal, $ 210

Iconic eco-conscious designer Stella McCartney teamed up with the German sportswear company in 2005 and has since created fun, innovative designs designed to inspire everyone who wears them. A typical example: The Ultraboost (made from recycled plastic materials) is functional and yet stylish for all training fans out there. The clothing and shoe brand also carries veganized versions of its popular Samba and Continental 80 models.
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Good news Palm Ombre Tie Dye High-Top, $ 174

Bring a bit of fun into your wardrobe with these platform tie dye kicks from British shoe brand Good News. This pastel-colored pair is made with recycled rubber soles, non-hazardous dyes, hemp canvas, and organic cotton, which means good news for the planet. Pair a plain white dress with this chunky shoe for an enviable summer uniform.
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Gucci Rhyton sneakers, $ 790

Iconic fashion house Gucci is finally stepping into the vegan leather game with the release of its first line of animal-free sneakers. Made from Demetra, a leather alternative made from 77 percent vegetable raw materials such as cellulose and viscose, the Rhyton sneaker has the same smooth finish as the brand’s leather models.
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Reed x Løci Vegan Sneaker, $ 160

Vegetarian actress Nikki Reed has teamed up with sustainable luxury brand Løci to launch a line of four vegan sneakers that were included in this year’s Oscar nomination gift bags. The breathable low-cut sneaker is available in white, beige, sage or yellow and is made from 100 percent recycled materials such as cork, rubber and reused ocean plastic.
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KUMI Classic KS Sneaker, $ 121

The co-founders Sergio Carvajal de Con and Alexandra Pardo Gómez del Cerro are tired of their 9-to-five jobs and followed their passion to found the sustainable vegan brand KUMI. With an old-school skater-inspired design, these lightweight, non-slip sneakers are available in six different colors and give every fit a sporty-chic look. Plus, each pair is made from recycled cork and plastic water bottles for an environmentally friendly, breathable feel.
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Vessi Everyday Sneakers, $ 135

With its patented waterproof knit material, Vessi from Vancouver puts innovation to the test. These weatherproof vegan sneakers offer improved arch support and are perfect for packing on vacation or tossing in your car for any adventure of the day.
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Also iLL x On The Roam Yaya Lavender Roamer, $ 109

Climbing clothing brand So iLL is partnering with Aquaman and game of Thrones Actor Jason Momoa to design these brightly colored vegan shoes. The low-top lace-up shoe features an organic cotton upper, rubber outsole and insole from BLOOM Foam, a company that turns harmful algal blooms into sustainable materials.
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Aruka Sanchir is the Beauty & Style Editor at Vegetable News, and she loves a good pair of sneakers for any occasion.

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