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The Universal Studios chef shares the recipe for Florida Park’s popular vegan mac and cheese

Ron Cope, a sous-chef at Common Orlando lately shared his recipe for Jack’D Up Mac, a vegan mac and cheese dish obtainable on the resort’s Skeleton Bar – a Halloween transformation of Cafe La Bamba. The recipe It’s primarily based on Cavatappi noodles, incorporates two forms of vegan cheese (pizza and parmesan), is “jacked up” with quite a lot of mix-ins (mushrooms, peppers and crumbled vegan sausage) and refined with a contact of greens and vegan pesto.

“We had been in search of a Halloween merchandise for our vegan friends visiting our parks,” stated Cope TODAY. “Personally, I get pleasure from vegan meals though I am not a strict vegan and love discovering new merchandise which are obtainable and exploring the simplicity of varied vegetable flavors and textures. We needed to create one thing that was each recognizable to our vegan friends and can also be passable. ”

Sadly, the vegan mac and cheese will not be on the menu at Common Orlando after Halloween on November 1st. Luckily, friends can now use Cope’s recipe to organize the favored dish at house.

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