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These new wedges can make vegan milk in no time

Now a vegan food delivery company Daily harvest launches herbal Mylk. The innovative new vegan dairy product comes in frozen wedges made only with almonds, pink sea salt and vanilla pods and designed to be kept in your freezer so you always have fresh, non-dairy milk on hand when you need it. Mylk is launching two flavors: almond and almond + vanilla. Prices start at $ 7.99 and come with 16 wedges per order that are used to make eight cups of non-dairy milk.

“People are very specific about their plant-based milk, but the options available still leave much to be desired. Read the labels on every supermarket shelf. Options currently available are 98 percent water and filled with gum, emulsifiers, preservatives, added sugars, or carrageenan. These shelf stable and refrigerated dairy products expire quickly and are available in a size that is not suitable for everyone, ”Rachel Drori, founder and CEO of Daily Harvest, told VegNews. “Our Mylk is different from anything on the market. It’s made from clean, whole ingredients: just transitional organic almonds, a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, and sometimes vanilla pod. Mylk is undiluted and 100 percent free of rubbish. “

Daily Harvest also plans to launch the cashew and cashew + vanilla flavors in the coming months.

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