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This adult vegan chocolate will help you have better sex

Premium vegan chocolate brand Eat Gold Organics has created chocolate bars with wellness-promoting ingredients for adults. Each $ 13 bar in the eight product line is fortified with adaptogens and nootropics and serves its own purpose – each inspired by basic adult needs – such as “Be Happy” for good vibes, “Big Orgasm” for better sex , “Immune Shroom” for an immunity boost, “Menopausal Goddess” for hot flashes and “Sweet Dreams” for better sleep.

“As a vegan, the purity of our ingredients was my priority from the start. Eat Gold sources cocoa from actual producers – not middlemen. And for ethical, ecological and health reasons, we are 100 percent plant-based, “says Brandon Milbradt, founder of Eat Gold, on the brand’s website. “What was born in my kitchen has grown into a company that I hope will grow in the years to come. Everything I do is inspired by a need: we all need to sleep better, strengthen our immunity, laugh more, pump harder, and create magic in our lives. Some of us need to produce more milk and fight off hot flashes. “

In making the chocolate bars, Milbradt worked with alchemists, nutritionists, herbalists and chocolatiers to formulate recipes that ensure their health benefits. Eat Gold candy bars can be shipped nationwide through the brand’s website.

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