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This Charlotte Vegan Food Truck is so popular it has been forced to move

Vegan food truck from Charlotte, NC Romeo’s vegan burger was recently asked to find a new location as it attracts long lines. The food truck, which launched just two months ago, was so popular that customers lined up down the street to have a meal. The owner of the vacant lot Romeo parked on noticed the daily crowds and told them to leave because of liability concerns.

Romeo was founded by Tigo Faulkner and Lamont Heath – a recording artist known as “Tigo B” and his manager – because they were unable to tour or record music during the pandemic. Opening a vegan restaurant was something the two of them had always talked about. Romeo specializes in vegan burgers Beyond meat and Impossible Patty, follow your heart Cheese and homemade sauces; Chili cheese fries; Tater Tots; homemade lemonade and milkshakes with soy-based ice cream.

Although Faulkner and Heath knew the community would support their new business, they didn’t expect to be so successful anytime soon. Since being asked to move, Romeo is currently parking in various other locations until the owners find a more permanent home.

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