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This chef is trying to open a vegan bakery and a Latinx social justice cafe in Seattle

Seattle-based vegan baker Lara de la Rosa recently launched a crowdfunding campaign GoFundMe Opening of the Casa del Xoloitzcuintle (Case del Xolo), a vegan bakery and a Latinx café for social justice. Founder of the vegan bakery in Seattle Lazy Cow Bakeryde la Rosa’s mission to make veganism easy and affordable for the masses while advocating social justice is the driving force behind Casa del Xolo.

While the café menu includes the Lazy Cow Bakery’s cakes as well as new sweet treats like macaroons and croissants, de la Rosa is most excited about the new savory products that are currently being developed. “We’re currently testing quiche recipes,” de la Rosa told VegNews. “There’s only one thing about cheesy, roasted vegetables in a fluffy egg filling. I promise our quiche will be just as satisfying, but without the exploitation of animals.”

A café for them Culture

With a donation goal of $ 30,000, de la Rosa plans that Casa del Xolo should be more than just a vegan bakery and café. Overlooking a room in the city’s university district, Casa del Xolo will also be a Latinx cultural center with a stage for events, pantry, communal fridge and Spanish classes.

“We see veganism as another branch in the tree of social justice reform,” said de la Rosa. “Our pantry will be 100 percent vegan. We don’t have to take advantage of part of our population to help another segment when we can simply help both by offering a plant-based pantry. “De la Rosa goes a step further and hopes to offer free, ready-to-eat meals to people affected by homelessness, a reality that de la Rosa has witnessed for himself. “I want people to get used to the idea that food should be free,” she said. “While food pantries are known to have pantries, I’ll try and eventually [stock] Ready meals. Pantry staples are great for those who have access to kitchens, but many homeless people don’t. “

In addition to the programming geared towards Latinx, veganism will also be a common thread in the work of the center. De la Rosa plans to host free lectures, debates and documentaries at Casa del Xolo to educate customers about veganism.

Latinx in Seattle

According to the US Census BureauFor Mexico-born de la Rosa, it’s obvious that the city’s resources are not being devoted to Latinx cultural events and centers. “From Swedish cultural centers to Finnish museums, [Seattle] has these grandiose, multi-million dollar buildings in prime real estate areas for countries a million miles away and an extremely small percentage of the population, ”said de la Rosa. “If only [the city] had the same strength for the brown majority country [the US] notifies a limit. “

Casa del Xolo will be a place where de la Rosa aims to both celebrate Latinx culture and take a “critical approach” to issues that activists have struggled and debated with for decades. “There is so much beauty and depth in our culture, and I am proud of my roots. But I also don’t want to blindly accept or even preserve every aspect of Mexican culture, ”said de la Rosa. “We have some of the highest rates of femicide in the world, even within Latin America. Machismo culture and anti-blackness are omnipresent. For so long, black majority countries like Haiti have been culturally excluded from the Latin American roof. That’s what I mean when I say we are taking a “critical approach” to celebrating our culture. “

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