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This scientist develops the perfect milk for vegan cheese production

Professor and researcher Marité Cárdenas from the University of Malmö in Sweden is working on developing a vegan cheese-making process that mimics milk cheese. Their goal is to develop a plant-based protein that mimics the proteins in milk, such as: B. Casein, which is so important in cheese making. When cheese is made, bacteria or enzymes react with the proteins in milk to form curds and use them as the basis for cheese. However, according to Cárdenas, the process is difficult without the specific proteins.

“There are many dairy products that are made naturally from milk and milk is a difficult material to imitate,” Cárdenas told the media company Milk reporter. “So the idea is to figure out how to mimic it so we can make plant-based dairy products. The current vegan options don’t really mimic milk cheese production. They do something completely different, and that’s because there’s a huge technological limitation. “

Cheese enriched with nutrients
Cárdenas will use her knowledge and experience as a physical chemist to formulate milk from vegetable proteins. She also plans to fortify the new milk with vitamins and minerals so that they stay in the cheese and are absorbed by the body. The project is funded by a grant from pharmaceutical company Nova Nordisk for projects that aim to improve people’s lives through better health, education and the development of a knowledge-based sustainable society.

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