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This vegan egg cooks, tastes and cracks like a chicken egg


French startup Le Papondu (formerly Les Merveilloeufs) has created a whole vegan egg – complete with yolk and shell – that cooks, tastes and cracks like a hen’s egg. Formulated by biologists Philippine Soulères and Sheryline Thavisouk at the Paris Ecole de Biologie Industrielle, the egg is made from a proprietary blend of plant-based proteins that remain confidential. Le Papondu wanted to create an alternative egg that had a similar nutritional profile, was as versatile as a hen’s egg and would meet the needs of vegans and people with egg allergies. They also wanted to create a more environmentally friendly alternative.

“Our initiative is a response to today’s unsustainable egg production system. We are aware of the negative environmental impacts caused by rearing laying hens. This is even worse when this is done in battery farming, ”Thavisouk said Station F blog. “In every step of our product development, from the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing and packaging processes, we attach great importance to choosing the most environmentally friendly solutions possible.”

Earlier this year, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised nearly $ 25,000 – three times its original goal. The company has since partnered with the Startup Incubator Program Station F. to bring their creation to market.

Startup based in Singapore Float foods has also developed a whole vegan egg called OnlyEg, which contains both yolks and whites and is expected to be commercially launched in 2022.

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