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This vegan NYC wine bar is planting a forest in Peru

Vegan food and wine bar based in New York City Le Botaniste A campaign recently took place in which 156 trees were donated to cultivate their own Le Botaniste forest in northwestern Peru. According to the restaurant, the area is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to deforestation and has a poverty rate of more than 50 percent.

To celebrate International Forests Day this month, launched by the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of trees, Le Botaniste has partnered with the reforestation organization GoForest for this initiative that will help restore biodiversity and empower local communities to participate in the tree planting process. Between March 15 and 21, Le Botaniste offered its customers the opportunity to donate a tree as part of their order. At the start of the initiative, the restaurant donated a tree for each of its 55 employees and agreed with the donations from the guests. “We [gave] Our customers have the option to add a tree to their 100 percent plant and organic based orders as we look for creative ways to help our customers eat and inspire more sustainably [them to go] Beyond CO2 neutrality, ”Alizée Wyckmans, Le Botaniste’s brand and sustainability manager, told VegNews.

Le Botaniste currently has four locations in NYC and three in Belgium. As part of its goal of being sustainable and good for the planet, the restaurant partnered with the certification organization CO2logic in 2016 and became the first climate-neutral, plant-based organic restaurant in NYC.

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