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Trader Joe launches vegan taco salad kit with ranch dressing

Grocery chain Trader Joe recently launched the Vegan Taco Salad Kit, which comes complete with dairy-free ranch dressing. The new kit contains seitan with chipotle spices, pico de gallo, lettuce, purple cabbage, carrot strips, purple tortilla chips and a spicy vegan ranch dressing with jalapeño spikes. In 2018, Trader Joe launched a limited-edition vegetable tray that contained a coconut milk-based ranch dip, which the business re-launched as a stand-alone vegan ranch dressing and dip in 2019.

Vegan at Trader Joe
The new salad complements a number of the popular retailer’s recently launched vegan options, including beef and turkey flavors from its vegan protein patties, chilled vegan mac and cheese, and a range of vegan cheese schnitzel and slices flavored with cheddar and mozzarella. For dessert, the chain now offers cheese cake without cheese, vegan Min B & Chip Bon Bons without dairy products and a vegan milk chocolate bar with an almond drink.

More vegan options will follow
According to Trader Joe’s insiders, the business is actively working to expand its vegan options. On a recent episode of his Inside Trader Joe podcast, executives involved in new product development and purchasing announced that Trader Joe will be launching two vegan dips in 2021: tzatziki and caramelized onions. The business is also trying to fill in gaps in its vegan inventory, with plant-based seafood and new iterations of its existing vegan meat and additional vegan frozen foods along the way.

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