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Trader Joe works on vegan seafood

Trader Joe’s product developers are currently working on adding vegan seafood to the chain’s offering. Amy Gaston-Morales, Category Manager for Delicatessen, Frozen Meat, Seafood, Meatless and Fresh Beverages at Trader Joe, shared the news in a recent episode of “Inside Trader Joe” Podcast. Gaston-Morales stated that Trader Joe’s currently offers a variety of vegan meat products for a variety of occasions, including the refrigerated section and frozen foods like the meatless tangerine chicken. However, she noted that the chain, which sells a combination of products it develops and other brands, are not currently offering plant-based seafood options.

“I want to work more on the seafood side,” said Gaston-Morales. “We don’t have any options in our stores for a plant-based seafood product, but there are crab cakes in the market or scallops or tuna substitutes.” The goal, she says, is to have vegan options for every meal of the day. “So we’re really looking more at the seafood to make sure we’re covering all of the proteins that customers are familiar with and bringing in the best versions of it,” said Gaston-Morales.

Vegan meat at Trader Joe
While Trader Joe’s has offered vegan meat products in the past, the chain last year launched its next-level protein patties in beef and turkey flavors, and new iterations of plant-based meat options are on Gaston-Morales’ radar. “The meatless set has grown tremendously,” said Gaston-Morales. “The new [vegan] Products that we develop are specific to what works well in the EU [traditional] For example, a meat and seafood set or chicken. Great [plant-based] Tenders, new sausage products that eat differently than our first generation [plant-based] Sausage links we have. ”

Gaston-Morales is also working on bringing more plant-based meat options to the freezer. Gaston-Morales says vegan bacon and sausage are high on her list when it comes to products she wants to develop.

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