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Trick or treat: These vegan Halloween goodies are shipped nationwide

This Halloween looks very different from last year, and this time around, that’s a positive thing. Halloween 2021 will be a little less scary – just scary in the sense of fictional monsters and well-intentioned haunted places. While we welcome the return to some normalcy, there is an impromptu tradition from 2020 that we will continue this year: baked goods that are ordered. Especially for those who don’t live near a vegan bakery, Halloween merchandise that ships will bring that extra bit of spooky treat to your vacation that no dark chocolate peanut butter mug can match. From orange and black confetti cookies to full size skull and crossbones cakes, here are 11 vegan Halloween goodies delivered right to your door. Order early because these goodies tend to go away!

Vegan goodies

1 Vegan goodies

This devilishly cute vegan bakery in Bethlehem, PA delivers a delicious, limited edition Fatally Yours Chocolate Box. The 14-piece, handcrafted set worth $ 99 includes unique confections such as crème brȗlée ghost cats made from white chocolate, Swiss chocolate speculo marshmallow s’mores confections, dogs filled with chocolate cookie dough, and unique chocolate candies Goodies.
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VegNews.SensitiveSweetsSensitive sweets

2 Sensitive sweets

From colorful push-pops to family-friendly cookie decoration sets, this dedicated allergen-friendly bakery ensures that all children can look forward to All Saints Eve. Involve the little ones and order the biscuit decoration set with glowing Halloween icing, sprinkles and extra-large sugar biscuits.
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VegNews.KarmaBakerKarma baker

3 Karma baker

When vacation is around the corner, we head to Karma Baker for delicious gluten-free treats. This year, the bakery is shipping white chocolate coated pumpkin pie donuts, 15 cm long pumpkin spice layer cakes and adorable chocolate mummy donuts.
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VegNEws.FoxshipBakerycookiesFoxship Bakery

4th Foxship Bakery

Weighing a full quarter pound per cookie, these monstrous treats are the cookie equivalent of the coveted king-size chocolate bar. Seasonal flavors include Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin S’mores and RIOTFEST (funfetti cake batter biscuits with oreo pieces).
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5 Sjaaks

One station in this online shop is everything you need to fill your candy kettle. The virtual vegan chocolatier offers a wide range of mini chocolate canapés as well as full-size bars in flavors such as Chipotle & Cinnamon. Our favorite fall snacks include Pumpkin Spice Melk Chocolate, Orange Caramel Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and delightful white chocolate spirits. You can also stock up on Eli’s full-size Earth Bars, which are reminiscent of Snickers with their nutty caramel fillings.
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VegNews.DivineTreasuresDivine treasures

6th Divine treasures

Choose from the four-part Chocolate Harvest or the lavish A Chocolate Haunting Box with a Deadlicious Mummy made of chocolate, an Entombed Cookie and other sinfully sweet confections. Vegan-friendly pumpkin truffles, chocolate ghost pops and dark chocolate jack-o’-lanterns are also available à la carte. Order here

VegNews.LagustasHeartsLagusta’s Luscious

7th Lagusta’s Luscious

Lagusta’s is always on our list for seasonal treats and truffles – but be careful, many of its Halloween treats are dead. If you’re more into cute depictions of smiling witches and playful pumpkins, the blood-red, anatomically correct Bleeding Hearts box might be a little bit a lot for your sensitive soul. The chocolatier also offers more harmless chocolates such as the beautiful caramel and autumn leaves box and the autumn apple and pumpkin bark. No matter what ends up in your shopping cart, you can rest in peace knowing the taste will be a dream.
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VegNews.StickyfingersSticky Fingers Bakery

8th Sticky Fingers Bakery

After almost two decades in business, you can now order sweets from vegan Cupcake Wars champion Doron Petersan. Their Washington, DC bakery delivers their super fudgy brownies and deliciously juicy cowvin cookies across the United States. The set with seasonal biscuits and brownies offers you 12 delicacies with autumn flavor – perfect for sharing or freezing to hoard all to yourself later.
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VegNews.ErinmckennasskullcakeErin McKenna’s Bakery

9 Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Choosing that allergen sensitive baker is like trying to choose a Halloween costume – there are just so many fantastic options out there. McKenna offers several handy decoration sets, including pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies and Day of the Dead cookie skulls – both complete with multiple bags of colored frosting. For expertly frozen cakes, opt for the adorable 12-pack of Halloween-style cupcakes or the impressive skull cake with buttercream flowers. Cake flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and carrot cakes.
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VegNews.Mayascookies caseMayan cookies

10 Mayan cookies

While this virtual vegan bakery has grown into its own storefront, Maya’s continued to ship its coveted cookies nationwide. The limited fall collection offers two brand new flavors: Chai Snickerdoodle and Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip. Order before it’s too late!
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VegNews.NaughtycookieThe naughty cookie

11 The naughty cookie

Do you scatter obsessed? You have to get your hands on these (scary) confetti cookies. Dotted with vegan marshmallows and literally covered in black, white, and orange sprinkles, these cookies are chewy, crispy, and no doubt festive.
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