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Van Leeuwen has just launched vegan chocolate-dipped ice cream bars

New York-based ice cream brand Van Leeuwen has just launched its first line of chocolate-coated ice cream bars, which includes three vegan flavors: Vanilla Wildberry Swirl, Brown Sugar Honeycomb and Triple Chocolate Swirl. The bars are a nostalgic reminder of the childhood experience of Van Leeuwen co-founders Pete and Ben Van Leeuwen when they drove an ice cream truck selling ice cream on sticks in the summer.

“We haven’t been that enthusiastic about a product launch since we launched our vegan line eight years ago. Ice cream bars have long been a dream for us at Van Leeuwen,” said Ben Van Leeuwen. “We have spent the last 12 months perfecting every element and we are overwhelmed with what we have been able to create.”

Vegan at Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen was founded as an ice cream van in Brooklyn, NY in 2008 and first introduced vegan ice cream in two flavors (chocolate and vanilla) in 2013. Since then, Van Leeuwen has expanded its range to include various dairy-free bases such as cashew and oats and is exciting flavors, including a seasonal selection of pumpkin and cinnamon buns, bourbon vanilla apple crisp and peanuts, pretzels and stouts, which came in last fall Shops and in its shovel shops.

The nostalgic bars are available now on Van Leeuwen’s website and will be available in selected grocery stores in March, including Whole Foods, Giant, Central Market, Big Y and Heinen’s.

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