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Vegan Bar No Bones Closed During COVID-19. Its vegan cauliflower wings are about to hit grocery stores

Vegan brand on April 20th Not a Bones Beach Club launches its first retail product: “Take n ‘Get Baked” cauliflower wings. The wings will be available in three flavors: Buffalo, Pineapple Red Chili and Tropical BBQ. Each 11-ounce pack contains fresh cauliflower, No Bones Signature breading, and a custom No Bones sauce package. The product will be available in the vegan online shop GTFO (which ships nationwide) for this year’s April 20th celebration before grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest and Chicago this summer.

No bones about it

No Bones Beach Club started off as a cart in 2014 and then as a food truck named “No Bones About It” – when their Buffalo cauliflower wings were born – and opened its island-inspired flagship No Bone Beach Club in Seattle, WA in 2016 Menu and beach cocktails. Two years later, a second location was opened in Chicago, IL, followed by a location in Portland, OR. However, in March 2020, founder MacKenzie DeVito decided to temporarily and permanently close the restaurants to ensure the safety of her employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I founded No Bones with the mission to offer vegan food to as many people as possible. No Bones has always been about celebrating delicious vegetables and tossing them in our cozy little beach bars … Our Coconut Buffalo Cauliflower Wings have been our bestsellers since we opened, ”DeVito told VegNews. “With the food truck, the restaurants, our nonprofit program, and the festivals and pop-ups we’ve run across the country, it’s always been about providing better access to great vegan food.” DeVito spent the 2020 downtime redefining the next step for no bones in a post-pandemic world. “So here we are, on 04/20/21 we will start ours crisp Cauliflower nuggets with a big wave of chillin sauce in a gold party bag in your freezer. “

While No Bones is working hard to get the new cauliflower wings into the hands of customers, No Bones is also working to bring more No Bones favorites available through retail channels.

Photo credit: Marisa Klug-Morataya

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