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“Vegan Costco” now offers a vegan sampling that is filled with bacon, peppers and pulled pork on a plant basis

Vegan online retailer for the month of January VEDGEco– Much like wholesale chain Costco – is launching a Veganuary Sampler Pack to celebrate the month-long campaign challenging people to go vegan. The $ 100 package includes a variety of products to help Veganuary attendees keep their promises:

  • A 10 pack of Impossible Burgers
  • 2 pound pack of egg ONLY
  • 10-ounce pack of BE-Hive Pepperoni
  • 12-slice pack of All Vegetarian Vegan Bacon
  • 6-piece pack of All Vegetarian Vegan Drumsticks
  • 8-ounce pack of Blackbird Original Seitan
  • 1 pound pack of Plant Ranch Carne Asada
  • 12-ounce pack of Barvecue Original Pulled Pork Alternative

“We are very excited to be a part of Veganuary and to make it even easier for people to choose freely whether they are at home, at school or in the restaurant,” said Trevor Hitch, Founder and CEO of VEDGEco. “Our sampler is a great way for families to expand their plant-based food, or for independent restaurants and grocery stores to offer their customers a wider variety of plant-based products.”

Bringing aloha mood to the masses
On November 1, 2019 (World Vegan Day) the brothers Trevor and Ty Hitch opened VEDGEco’s first vegan wholesale warehouse in Hawaii. After a successful year, the brothers decided to expand their business to the lower 48 states. In August, VEDGEco launched an e-commerce platform with shipping options on the east and west coasts that enable shipping directly to consumers and directly to companies within one to two days. All products are shipped frozen and packaged with environmentally friendly, foam-free materials.

In addition to the Veganuary Sampler Pack, VEDGEco sells a variety of vegan meats, cheeses, snacks and more at wholesale prices to individual consumers and businesses. As a special offer, customers who order the Veganuary sampler will receive a credit of USD 20 (valid for 45 days) to use on their next order. Shipping costs are $ 19.99 for all orders under $ 150.

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