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Vegan Just Egg starts at street food stands in China

Vegan Just Egg starts at street food stands in China. On April 30th, in honor of World Jianbing Day, California-based food technology company Eat Just is releasing a JUST Egg Jianbing Guide that highlights Shanghai’s top street vendors and offers vegan jianbing – a traditional Chinese breakfast street food that Crepes is similar to the company’s mung bean-based JUST Egg. Every time someone buys a JUST Egg Jianbing, a voucher for a free JUST Egg Jianbing is activated by one of the participating providers, which can be given to a friend who is new to the guide.

In addition to the market launch, the brand and its Future Food Studio are launching a JUST Egg Jianbing popup with creative flavors every day for one month in the Egg breakfast café, which is open all day.

Last October, Eat Just opened the Future Food Studio in Shanghai – the first purely plant-based cooking studio in China. The studio offers cooking classes with JUST Egg taught by the chef’s staff. In addition, Eat Just has developed a WeChat mini-program that students can use to sign up for courses. The JUST Egg Jianbing Guide can be accessed through the Future Food Studio mini-program. There they also have access to recipes, discounts and updates from Eat Just.

Vegan eggs in China

Eat Just created the Jianbing Guide and Street Vendor Offers to promote its plant-based egg products to Chinese consumers. At the beginning of this year, one of the leading fast food chains in China, Dicos, added several menu items with vegan JUST Egg to its menu at 500 locations. This is the first time a large fast food restaurant has swapped an animal product for a plant-based product over several regular menu offerings. JUST Egg is now part of three breakfast burgers, three bagel sandwiches and a “western” breakfast plate.

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