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Vegan mini pizzas are sold in 130 bakeries in Canada

The popular Canadian bread bakery COBS Bread has launched vegan Arrabbiata mini pizzas. The plant-based pizza squares are available Beyond meat Italian sausage crumbs, roasted red pepper, a spicy arrabbiata tomato sauce and Nabati vegan mozzarella based on fermented Turkish dough. The new menu item is the first vegan, savory take-away option to take away. It is available at all 130 COBS locations across Canada.

Vegan pizza for everyone

“Our inspiration for introducing a vegan pizza came from our belief that everyone should be able to enjoy a COBS bread pizza. Our delicious plant-based pizza is the perfect addition to our range of vegan-friendly breads and offers customers who are vegan or who just want to diversify their meal occasions with plant-based alternatives, the choice, “says Brad Bissonnette, Vice President Marketing and Franchise- Recruiting at COBS Bread, VegNews said. “We are excited to be bringing our first plant-based pizza to market in collaboration with Beyond Meat and Nabati, as it enables us to offer a plant-based pizza option at a quality level our customers expect.”

Although the new vegan pizza is a limited time offer, it could become a permanent menu item if there is enough demand. COBS offers other vegan-friendly products in its bakeries, including the Apricot Delight Loaf, the Cape Seed Loaf, the Chia White Loaf, the Country Grain Loaf, the Italian herb focaccia, the French baguette, the loaf with higher fiber, the pizza bases, the sunflower flax sourdough bread and the Italian herbs Turkish bread, white bread and wholemeal bread. The sweet pastries Raspberry and Custard Teatime and Blueberry & Custard Teatime from the bakery are also vegan.

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