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Vegan Oat Milk Brand Oatly’s new guide will help Dads Ditch Dairy

Swedish vegan brand oats recently launched a new website help-dad.comwhere it has created a comprehensive guide to help children convince their fathers to leave out dairy and other animal products. The new resource includes recipes (such as meaty vegan stroganoff beef), advisory videos with psychologist Tim Harkness, climate and animal husbandry statistics, and clever responses to arguments fathers may make against discarding dairy products. “Whether your dad just needs some helpful reminders because he already has this dairy can save the planet a ton of carbon emissions, or if he needs more of a complete reprogramming because he’s pretty good at watching the planet burn for so long as he can do it while eating a double cheeseburger. This guide covers you, ”explains Oatly on his new website.

Why fathers?
Through studies that IPSOS carried out on his behalf in December 2020, Oatly found that “fathers” statistically accept plant-based foods less. The research found that 75 percent of men between the ages of 44 and 75 are concerned about the environment, but only eight percent believe that meat and dairy products have an impact on the environment. In addition, 86 percent of this population group said that meat and dairy products are either an integral part of their diet or their lives.

“Fathers are the best, except when it comes to eating and drinking sustainably, in which case fathers are the worst,” explains Oatly. “Compared to women in the same age group, or younger men, or basically any age, middle-aged and older men (44-75) are the least likely to be interested in anything vegan. Not only is this something the website author made up, but it’s based on real papa research that we have gathered here and presented as information that you can use as you work on your endgame: to give papa for herbal purposes win the planet. “

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