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Vegan vanilla ice cream with four ingredients

What you need:

2 vanilla pods
2 cups of raw cashews or pieces of cashew
2 cups of purified water
1 cup of maple syrup

What you are doing:

1. Cut the vanilla pods into small pieces and grind to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.
2. Put the ground vanilla, cashew nuts, water and maple syrup in a blender and process at the highest level for at least one minute or until smooth. Place the blender in the freezer for 40 minutes to 1 hour or in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour or overnight.
3. Once the mixture is well chilled, pour it into an ice maker and freezer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Serve immediately or transfer to an airtight container and store in the freezer until serving.

Credit: Hannah Kaminsky

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