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Veganuary founder launches vegan fried chicken brand

New vegan fried chicken brand VFC recently launched across the UK. The new brand was created by businessman Matthew Glover who started the vegan campaign Veganuary with his wife Jane Land in 2014 – together with the restaurant owner Adam Lyons in protest in protest against animal husbandry. Initially, the duo is launching three seitan-based and soy-free products (available in original or spicy flavors) on the brand’s website: Bites & Fries with a spicy barbecue sauce, VFC Bites and VFC fillets. “I’m an activist businessman, and VFC is largely a marriage of the two,” said Glover. “There are many ways to get rid of unjust systems, and we intend for VFC to be part of the movement that will end factory farming for good.”

Food for thought
The idea for VFC started at Source, where Lyon served vegan dishes in addition to a menu with animal products. “Among the vegan dishes on offer was the best vegan fried chick I had ever tried,” said Glover. The founder of Veganuary took Lyons – who was inspired by Glover to participate in Veganuary – to a chicken factory to show him the cruelty that goes into making animal products for human consumption. “Adam had never thought too carefully about how chickens were raised before, and that visit was a cornerstone for him,” said Glover. “He was a young vegan and was 100 percent committed to bringing VFC to the mainstream market.”

The footage collected during that visit is now available on the VFC website. The duo attaches great importance to the fact that the vegan chicken achieves the same price as its animal counterpart and ultimately makes it cheaper. Glover and Lyons have also partnered with award-winning brand design consultancy Elmwood, which partnered with the Wicked Kitchen brand to create a great introduction with billboards and online advertising. While VFC is currently only available online, the founders have hired a sales manager whose primary focus is bringing their vegan fried chicken to retailers and restaurants.

“We don’t play around,” said Lyons. “We have developed a fantastic product that looks, cooks and tastes like chicken. We have appointed an ambitious team and are ready to do our part to empty these factory sheds.” That’s what drives us. “

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