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Veggie Grill gives away free vegan food for one year

Vegan fast-casual chain based in California Veggie grill is giving away free veggie grill food to a lucky winner for one year. The giveaway is meant to encourage people to take that Veganuary promise to eat plant-based for the month of January. The price corresponds to a weekly Veggie Grill credit of USD 20 for 52 weeks, which corresponds to a total value of USD 1,040. The winner will also receive a case of Better booch Kombucha.

“Veganuary has inspired and supported people around the world to make a commitment to eat vegan in January, and we support their efforts this year to educate and involve more people in the movement so they can make a difference in the future of ours Planets, our animals and our health in 2021, ”Veggie Grill co-founder TK Pillan told VegNews. “Our mission is to help people begin, advance, and embrace their conscious food journey. To celebrate Veganuary and promote the plant-based diet for January and beyond, we’re offering a One Year Veggie Grill Reward Member’s Free Veggie Grill Contest.

Veggie Grill will select a random winner Instagram Followers on February 1st. The winner must enroll in the restaurant’s Veggie Grill rewards program to receive credit. Those who register or are already part of the rewards program will also receive special promotions such as BOGOs and sandwiches for 99 cents in January.

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