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Violife has just launched a Vegan Cheese Barbecue Pack in the UK

From May 9th, Greek company Violife Foods will launch its first vegan summer BBQ package in Sainsbury’s UK grocery stores. The Violife BBQ Package (£ 6) is designed to pair with burgers on the grill or to be used in your own summer dishes. It contains three types of branded vegan cheese: Mediterranean Style Block (which can be skewered and grilled as part of a kebab); Greek white wine (a feta-style cheese that can be used in Greek salads); and BBQ Slices (a never-before-seen Violife product with a smoky and sweet taste and a hint of paprika that goes well with vegan burger patties). The pack also contains recipes and grill tips.

While the BBQ package is only available in the UK, Violife sells a number of vegan products in other countries, including the US, where it was widely distributed through the Whole Foods Market in 2018. In the US, the brand offers vegan parmesan, cream cheese, ripe cheddar slices and blocks along with Just Like Feta – a vegan hack for the TikTok noodle recipe that went viral earlier this year.

Celebrate with vegan cheeseVegNews.Violifeholiday5

During the 2020 holiday season, Violife was offering its EPIC Dairy Free Festive Platter in select stores across the US including Wegmans, Giant, Gelson’s and Market of Choice. The limited vegan Christmas platter contained three types of Violife cheeses: EPIC Mature Cheddar, EPIC Smoked Cheddar and EPIC Garlic & Chilli Cheddar. While stores in Europe and the UK previously offered similar vegan cheese platters, this was the first time Violife had offered a seasonal collection of vegan cheeses in the US.

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