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Wearing Jason Momoa’s new vegan sneakers will make you a superhero

Climbing clothing brand So iLL will launch a new vegan shoe line made in collaboration with actor Jason Momoa from Aquaman and game of Thrones Fame. The iLL x On The Roam collection offers two color variants (Unity Purple and Yaya Lavender) for vegan sneakers made from sustainable materials such as an upper made of organic cotton, a top layer made of cork and biodegradable outsoles. The insoles are made by BLOOM Foam, a company that converts harmful algae growth into sustainable materials. The shoes, which are part of a larger collection that includes bags, masks and more made from recycled bottles, are available for Pre-order now and will be shipped in June.

Is Jason Momoa Vegan?

While Momoa is not vegan, the native Hawaiian actor is open to environmental issues. In 2019, Momoa spoke on behalf of the island nations at a United Nations event where he stated that the pollution caused by industrialized nations is affecting the environment and developing island nations. “We are a disease infecting our planet. We are polluted from the atmosphere to the abyss, ”said Momoa. “We have to change now. We can no longer afford the luxury of half-evaluating it, as we willingly force ourselves beyond the threshold of non-return. As a human species, we need the earth to survive. And don’t make a mistake, it doesn’t need us. “

Momoa is also behind Manalau, a water company that uses recyclable aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles. To further his mission to free the world of single-use plastics, Momoa shaved his iconic beard on a YouTube in 2019 Video that has since gained more than 8.5 million views. “We have to get rid of those plastic water bottles,” said Momoa. “Aquaman tries to do the best he can. for my children, for your children, for the world. “

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